Astrophysics Graduates
Thesis Title
Date Awarded
Subsequent Positions

Sheehan Ahmed

An Investigation Into The Effects Of Baryons On Satellite Galaxies In Cosmological Simulations
August 2017
Visiting faculty, Lafayette College

Carl Mitchell

Constraining Spiral Galaxy Mass Distributions with the RSS Imaging Spectroscopy Nearby Galaxy Survey
October 2016
Private sector (Microsoft, Seattle, WA)

Amruta Deshpande

Galaxy Clusters: X-Ray Contributions to Multi-Wavelength Cluster Studies in the Era of Mass Sensitive Cluster Surveys
May 2016
Private sector (Fellow at Data Incubator, New York, NY)

Luke Hovey

A Kinematic Study of 0509-67.5, the Second Youngest Supernova Remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud, and its Astrophysical Implications
January 2016
Postdoc, Los Alamos

Brandon Patel

Type Ia Supernovae: Their Progenitors and Use as Cosmological Probes
January 2015
Private sector

Amitpal Tagore

Uncertainties in Pixel-based Source Reconstruction for Gravitationally Lensed Objects and Applications to Lensed Galaxies
October 2014

Postdoc, University of Manchester

Private sector (Fellow at Data Incubator, New York, NY)

Michael Berry

The Evolution of Neutral Gas in Star-Forming Galaxies Across Cosmic Time
October 2014
Private sector (Amazon, Seattle, WA)

Curtis McCully

New Insights into Peculiar Thermonuclear Supernovae and Line of Sight Effects in Gravitational Lensing
May 2014
Postdoc, Las Cumbres Observatory/UC Santa Barbara

Michael Solway

Stellar Radial Migration and Thick Disks in Spiral Galaxies
October 2013
Private sector (Reelio, New York, NY)

Bob Lindner

The Growth of Massive Galaxies and Clusters at High Redshift
October 2013

Postdoc, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Private sector (Veda Data Solutions, Madison, WI)

Chelsea Sharon

Molecular Gas in Dusty High-Redshift Galaxies
May 2013

1st Postdoc, Cornell University

2nd Postdoc, McMaster University

Faculty, Yale-NUS College

Ross Fadely

Multi-wavelength Applications of Gravitational Lensing
October 2010

1st Postdoc, Haverford College

2nd Postdoc, NYU

Private sector (Artificial Intelligence Lead, Insight Data Science, New York, NY

Ricardo Zánmar Sánchez

Measuring Mass: Non-circular motions of gas in disk galaxies and radial velocities of stars in a globular cluster
October 2009
Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania, Italy

Naseem Rangwala

Fabry-Perot Studies of the Milky Way Bar: Kinematics, Chemical Composition and Instrumentation
May 2009

1st Postdoc, U. Colorado, Boulder

2nd Postdoc, NASA Ames

Research Scientist with Bay Area Environmental Research Institute at NASA Ames

Neelima Sehgal

Measuring the Growth of Structuure with Multi-Wavelength Surveys of Galaxy Clusters
May 2008

Postdoc, KITP, Stanford University

Faculty, SUNY Stony Brook

Arthur Congdon

Probing Small-Scale Structure in Galaxies With Strong Gravitational Lensing
May 2008
Postdoc, JPL, Pasadena

Ioana Monica Hasegan

Faint Stellar Systems in the Virgo Cluster: The Connection between Dwarf Galaxies and Globular Clusters
January 2007
Postdoc in medical imaging, Toronto

Jessica Sawyer Warren

X-Ray Spectral Variations in Supernova Remnants
October 2006
Purdue University - North Central

Juntai Shen

Dynamical Studies of Two Common Features in Spiral Galaxies: Bars and Warps
October 2005

Harlan J. Smith Fellow, University of Texas

Faculty, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

Matthew Francis

From Structure Evolution to Gauge Theories: Topics in Gravitational and Cosmological Physics
May 2005

Assistant Prof. Lambuth University, Tennessee

Freelance Science Writer

Jianxiang Wang

Steady State and Time-dependent Loss Cones in Galactic Nuclei
October 2004
Private sector

Vincent Jacobs

Long-lived lopsided modes of annular disks orbiting a central mass

October 2004
Private sector

Andrés Jordán

Studies of Extragalactic Globular Clusters

October 2004

ESO Postdoctoral Fellow

Clay Fellow, Harvard

Faculty, P.U. Catolica de Chile

Arend Sluis

Planetary Nebulae and the Dynamics of Early-Type Galaxies

January 2004

2MASS Postdoc,
U Mass, Amherst

Private sector

Bingrong Xie

Studies of the Central Regions in Globular Clusters: Kinematics Mass Modeling, and a Search for Binary Stars

October 2003

Visitor, MPI, Munich

Science Journal Editor, Beijing, China

Cara Rakowski

X-ray Studies of Supernova Remnants

October 2003

Harvard Postdoctoral Fellow

Naval Research Lab, Washington DC

US Patent Office, Alexandria, VA

Milos Milosavljevic

Dynamics of Massive Black Hole Binaries in Galactic Nuclei

October 2002

Sherman Fairchild Postdoctoral Fellow, CalTech

Hubble Fellow, CalTech

Faculty U Texas, Austin

Andrew Mack

Topics in Early Universe Cosmology

October 2002

Private sector

Mingyan Poon

A Self-consistent Study of Triaxial Black Hole Nuclei

October 2002

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Victor Debattista

The Interaction of Dark Matter with Galaxy Disks: Bars and Warps

October 1998

Postdocs at
U Basel then U Zurich

Brooks Fellow, U Washington, Seattle

Faculty University of Central Lancashire

Benjamin Weiner

The Dynamics of Barred Spiral Galaxies: Masses and Pattern Speeds

January 1998
Postdoc: Obs. Carnegie Inst. Wash

Postdoc: UC Santa Cruz

Postdoc: U Maryland, College Park

Associate Astronomer, Steward Obs

Tema Fridman

Dynamics of Triaxial Elliptical Galaxies with Cusps

January 1997

Research Asst. Rutgers Chemistry

Benoit Tremblay

Structure and Dynamics of Early-type Galaxies

January 1997

Medical Image processing, U. Penn

Private sector, Toronto, Canada

Povilas Palunas

The Distribution of Mass and Light in Spiral Galaxies and the Maximum Disk Hypothesis

October 1996
Postdoc, GSFC

Research Associate, McDonald Observatory

Staff astronomer, Las Campanas Observatory, Chile

Roy Jones

Structural Parameters and Stellar Populations of the Galactic Globular Clusters M13 and NGC 6535

May 1995

Private sector

Slawomir Piatek

Mass-to-light Ratios in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies and Globular Clusters

October 1994

Senior University Lecturer at New Jersey Inst. Tech.

Karl Gebhardt

Dynamics of Globular Clusters

October 1994

Postdoc, U Michigan

Hubble Fellow, UCSC

Faculty U Texas at Austin

Paul Papenhausen

The Search for Mass Segregation in Star Clusters of the Magellanic Clouds

Jan 1994

Adjunct professor at St John's University

Bruce Altner

Ultraviolet Properties of Hot Stars in Globular Clusters

Oct 1988

Chief Systems Engineer, Science Systems and Applications, Inc., Lanham MD

Chris Shrader

Extra-Galactic X-Ray Sources and the Diffuse X-Ray Background

Oct 1985

Astrophysicist, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD


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