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Rutgers Physics and Astronomy Colloquia

Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2018

Colloquia are held in the Physics and Astronomy Lecture Hall
from 10:30-11:30 AM on Wednesday mornings.

Tea, coffee, and cookies served at 10:20. 

All welcome!  

Colloquia will begin on Sep 12. Please contact our administrative assistant Lisa Cascio (lcascio at with questions regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Questions about the colloquium schedule should be addressed to Prof. Eric Gawiser (gawiser at

Day  Title Speaker Host
Sep 12
Understanding Dwarf Galaxies in order to Understand Dark Matter
Alyson Brooks
Eric Gawiser
Sep 19
Berry phase and related Hall effects
Weida Wu
Bob Bartynski
Sep 26
Organic molecular self-assembly at metal surfaces: From ordered metastable phases to covalently bonded 2D networks
Bob Bartynski
Torgny Gustafsson
Oct 3
Solid State Electronic Structure Calculations in Correlated Materials with Chemical Accuracy?
Kristjan Haule
Gabi Kotliar
Oct 10
Collective Phenomena in the Solid State Systems
Girsh Blumberg
Misha Gershenson
Oct 17
Probing Dark Energy with
Strong Gravitational Lensing and LSST
Phil Marshall
Eric Gawiser
Oct 24
Watching Chemical Reactions Happen One Molecule at a Time
Heather Lewandowski
(U. Colorado)
Geraldine Cochran
Oct 31
Halloween Colloquium
Nov 7
Forging the heaviest elements
(Notre Dame)
Jolie Cizewski
Nov 14
The Physicists in the Basement of the High Castle
Tim Koeth
JP Chou
Nov 21
No Colloquium: Thanksgiving

Nov 28
Life's Engines: The evolution of metabolism
Paul Falkowski
Eric Gawiser
Dec 5
The 2018 Boyd Colloquium: From Physics to Finance
Betsy Barton
(Renaissance Technologies)
Andrew Baker
Dec 12
Is Basketball Scoring Just a Random Walk?
Sidney Redner
(Santa Fe Institute)
Alex Morozov

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