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Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2019

Colloquia are held in Serin Physics room 330
from 11:00am to noon on Wednesday mornings.

Tea, coffee, and cookies served at 10:50am. 

All welcome!  

Colloquia will begin on Sept. 11. Please contact our administrative assistant Lisa Rivera (lrivera at with questions regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Questions about the colloquium schedule should be addressed to Prof. Misha Gershenson (gersh at





Sept. 11

Chiral spintronics

See-Hun Yang  (IBM)

Sean Oh

Sept. 18

Sustaining Life with Genes and Proteins Designed ‘From Scratch’

Michael Hecht (Princeton)

Alex Morozov

Sept. 25

Evolutionary biology-inspired quantum matter

Shriram Ramanathan (Purdue)

Bob Bartynski

Oct. 2

Gravitational Waves Astronomy.

Robbins colloquium

Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU)

Kristy McQuinn

Oct. 9

no colloquium (Yom Kippur)

Oct. 16

Insight into the Geophysical Evolution of Mars from Remote Sensing

Lujendra Ojha (Rutgers)

Tad Pryor

Oct. 23

Everything you always wanted to know about quantum computing
(but were afraid to ask)

Misha Gershenson (Rutgers)

Oct. 30

Self-driven phase transitions in living matter

Joshua Shaevitz (Princeton)

Alex Morozov

Nov. 6

Chandra's Remarkable 20 Year View of the Energetic Universe

Jeremy Drake (Smithsonian)

Blakesley Burkhart

Nov. 13

The Electron-Ion Collider - peering deeper into the protons and neutrons of atomic nuclei

Ernst Sichtermann (LBNL)

Sevil Salur

Nov. 20

A new spin on magnetism with applications in information processing

Andrew Kent (NYU)

Sang Cheong

Nov. 27

Thanksgiving (no colloquium)

Dec. 4

What can deep learning teach us about fundamental physics?

Ben Nachman (Simons Inst.)

John Paul Chou

Dec. 11

Pursuing the Perfect Primordial Fluid

Bill Zajc (Columbia University)

Sevil Salur


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