One of the major areas of research in the group is the creation of new artificial two-dimensional electron liquids (2-DELs) through interface engineering. During the epitaxial growth of two materials, one invariably creates an interface. Sometimes this interface exhibits interesting properties that are absent in its constituent materials, e.g. the presence of a metallic 2-DELs at the interface od two insulating system. In last decade, 2-DELs at the interface of transition metal oxides (mostly insulating) have emerged as ideal testbed for envisioning and investigating new electronic phases of matter. Many counterintuitive electric ground states can co-exist in this ultrathin layer.
2D electronic liquids
Superconductivity exotic magnetic and orbital states
Topological matter with strong correlations: AHE QSL Kitaev
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The focus of our group is to design new artificial 2-DELs with intriguing electronic states. For example, we have experimentally demonstrated that both ferroelectricity and metallicity (properties that don't like each other) can co-exist in ultrathin limit at the interface even at room temperature. We are also interested to know the impact of one interface on another. We have recently established that a conducting interface can turn into a Kondo insulating state in presence of a magnetic interface next to it.