Physics 602: Graduate Solid State Physics II

Spring 2019

Mondays and Thursdays    
12:00 - 1:20 p.m.

SEC 218

Course Instructor:  Prof.  Premi Chandra                                       

Overview:   In this course I hope to introduce experimental and theoretical students to a number of contemporary research topics in condensed matter physics including frustrated magnetism, quantum phase transitions and topological insulators. More specifically we will discuss

-"moment-free"  magnetism
-topological transitions in spin systems
-quantum vs. classical phase transitions
-topological insulators

This course will be concept-based but technical details will be supplied when needed. We will connect our topics of study with current research through readings of both classic and current papers.  More specifically I plan to link the topics to be explored with research areas of ongoing interest:   Kitaev spin liquids,  emergent topological order in magnetic systems, quantum critical systems and the emergence of new states of matter.

                                                                                                               Premi Chandra


Week of

       4:00 - 5:30
      330W North        

Jan. 21

             No Class
  (Make-Up to be Scheduled)

Jan. 28

                   No  Class
          (Make-Up to be Scheduled)

             No Class
       (Make-Up to be  Scheduled)

Feb. 4


        Introduction to Frustrated   
          Magnetism and Spin Ice

           Spin Ice,  Fractionalization
           and Topological Order

Feb. 11

Why Spin Ice Obeys the Ice Rules

Experimental Signatures of
Emergent QED

Artificial Spin Ice

Monopole Defects

      More Spin Ice

Magnetic Monopole Noise

Proposal to Detect Monopoles
in Spin Ice via
Nanoscale Magnetometry

(Supplementary Material)


Feb. 18

Order by Disorder

Les Houches Notes
(pp. 551-561)

          Spin Liquids

          Spin Liquids



Quantum Spin Liquids

A Field Guide to Spin Liquids 

TbInO3:  A QSL?


Feb. 25

The Kitaev Spin Liquid

Physics of the Kitaev Model

Topological Phases and
Quantum Computation


Realizations of Kitaev Spin Liquid

Mott Insulators in the Strong Spin-Orbit
Coupling Limit:  From Heisenberg to a Quantum Compass and Kitaev Models

March 4

No Class
(Make-Up to be Scheduled)

No Class
(Make-Up to be Scheduled)

March 11

An Experimental Case of
a Kitaev Spin Liquid?

Majorana Quantization and Half-Integer Thermal Quantum Hall Effect in a Kitaev Spin Liquid

       BKT Transition

   Experimental Realization
     of the BKT  Transition

KT Transition in   SC Arrays

Dissipative Vortex Dynamics in Superconducting Arrays

March 18

Spring Break

Spring Break

March 25

Experimental Realizations
of the BKT Transition

BKT Crossover in A Trapped
Atomic Gas

BKT Physics with Two-Dimensional
Atomic Gases

Melting of the Vortex Liquid
though Intermediate Hexatic Fluid
in an \alpha-MoGe Thin Film

Su-Schrieffer-Heeger  Model

SSH Model Inspired Acoustic Interface States and Edge States

A Short Course on Topological Insulators
(section on SSH model)

Thouless Charge Pumping

A Thouless Quantum Pump with Ultracold Bosonic Atoms in an Optical Superlattice

April 1

Thouless Charge Pumping cont.

Experimental Realizations
of the SSH Model

  Measurement of the Zak Phase
in Cold Atoms

Topological Charge Pumping in
a 1-d Optical Lattice

Experimental Realizations
of Thouless Charge Pumping

Topological Thouless
Pumping of Ultracold Fermions

Thouless Charge Pumping Cont.

Quantum Transport of Bosonic
Cold Atoms in Double-Well Optical

April 8

Thouless Charge Pumping
in Cold Atom Systems

  Chern Insulators: 
the QWZ Model

April 15

Experimental Observation
of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect

The Complete Quantum Hall Trio

Direct Evidence of Ferromagnetism
in a Quantum Anomalous Hall System

April 22

Photonic vs. Electronic
Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect

Topological Photonics (Nat. Phot.)

Topological Photonics (RMP)

April 29

No Class
(Make-Up to be Scheduled)    

    2D Topological Insulators

BHZ Model

May 6

Quantum Spin Hall Experiment

Edge States without Magnetic

Nonlocal Transport in
the Quantum Spin Hall State

One-Dimensional Topological Edge States
of Bismuth Bilayers

Special Announcements