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Physics 615
Fall 2013
Overview of Quantum Field Theory


This is the website for Overview of Quantum Field Theory. Please see links on right for the General Course Information, and the Syllabus, which includes lecture notes and assignments.

Announcements will appear here and on the Announcements link, for a while, and then move to the Old Announcements link.

Text: Peskin and Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory Westview Press, QC174.45.P465, ISBN-13 978-0-201-50397-5 (1995)

Class Meetings, starting Sept 5: Monday and Thursday, noon-1:20 PM, in ARC 212. Please be prompt. Do the reading in advance.


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For the class on Sept. 5, please print, fill out, and bring a copy of this form about your background and schedule.

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