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Physics 615
Fall 2013
General Course Information


Instructor: Joel Shapiro
Office: Serin 325
Phone: 5-5500 X 3886

Text: “An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory”, by Peskin and Schroeder

Homework: There will normally be a homework assignment each week. Late homeworks will not be accepted without special permission, generally requested in advance. Homeworks will be graded and will be the major part (perhaps all) of your final grade.

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Exams: I have not yet decided. There may be a take-home final exam. There will not be a midterm.

Class Times: The class meets in ARC 212, third period. (noon-1:20 PM). Classes will start promptly, so please come on time.

I expect to follow Peskin and Schroeder pretty closely, except near the beginning and the end of the course. See the Syllabus for details. Of course, there are many other useful books which give alternate presentations or treat subjects in more depth. A list of some of them are here

Syllabus: The material to be covered is, roughly speaking, what is in Peskin and Schroeder, Chapters 2-7, plus parts of chapters 11, 16 and 20. For details, see the syllabus. There may be some changes as we go along.

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