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Physics 615
Fall 2013
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There are many books on Quantum Field Theory. Here are some of them, some with comments. We will cover all the material using Peskin and Schroeder, and my lecture and supplementary notes, so you will not need any of these, but there is lots of good material here.

Michio Kaku, Quantum Field Theory, A Modern Introduction, Oxford University Press, 1993, QC174.45.K34 ISBN 0-19-507652-4

Lewis H. Ryder, Quantum Field Theory, Cambridge University Press (1985, 1996) QC793.R93 ISBN 0 521 47814 6

Lowell S. Brown, "Quantum Field Theory" ISBN-10: 0521469465, ISBN-13: 9780521469463 (1994)

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Steven Weinberg The Quantum Theory of Fields, Cambridge University Press (1995, 2005) ISBN-13 978-0-521-67053-1/ 0 521 55002 5

Mark Srednicki Quantum Field Theory ISBN-10: 0521864496. I haven't looked at this, but have heard praise for it. A free draft version is available at

Thomas Banks Modern Quantum Field Theory ISBN 978-0-521-85082-7 Cambridge (2008), Rather terse.

Some papers on Supersymmetry

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