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Physics 615
Fall 2013
Supplementary Notes


Different books use different conventions, and sometimes even my notes may differ. Here is a possibly useful table.

Here are some notes expanding on explicit pages of the text book:

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I have written up some notes which may be helpful as a background in mathematical techniques, and some that give more technical details of things presented in the lecture notes without all the details.

These are notes on mathmatical techniques which should be part of your background. Some are not directly relevant to this course.

Here are some notes that go a bit beyond what we discussed in class.

Here are some notes on more advanced topics in QFT

Topic One Column Two Columns
Path Integral Formulation of Quantum Mechanics view print
Functional Integral for a Scalar Field view print
Gauge Theory on a Lattice view print
A short note on Fadeev-Popov Ghosts view or print  
some comments on BRST cohomology view or print  
Generating Functions view print

Supplementary Notes

Here are some notes on subjects other than field theory, but which might be helpful.

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