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Physics 618
Spring 2017
Books and other references


Text Books on Group Theory in Physics

The main books to be used are

  • H. F. Jones, Groups, Representations and Physics, CRC Press, 1998
    This is the book most used for the first quarter of the course. There is an older version
    H. F. Jones, Groups, Representations and Physics, Adam Hilger, New York, 1990
    which will be just as good for what we cover from it. You should also be able to find the same material in many other books, such as Hamermesh, Tinkham, and Joshi. Jones is also on reserve in the library.
  • Howard Georgi, “Lie Algebras in Particle Physics: from Isospin To Unified Theories”, Second Edition (Frontiers in Physics, 1999), Westview Press
    The second part of this course will use this book. It is strong on the classification of the semisimple lie algebras and representations of the classical groups.
    There is an older version from Addison-Wesley, 1982, but there are some significant changes in notation, so the newer one is preferred.
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Other relevant books are

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