Physics & Astronomy 750:634
Seminar in Physics
Spring Semester 2017

This Seminar presents faculty of the Physics and Astronomy program discussing their current research.   All first-year graduate students are expected to attend -- attendance is taken -- and everyone else is welcome.

The Seminar meets each Tuesday 5-6 pm in room 385E of the Serin Physics.

Jan 24, 2017
Andrew Baker
Gas and Galaxy Evolution
Jan 31, 2017
Vitaly Podzorov
Fascinating photo-physics of functional organic and hybrid interfaces
Feb 7, 2017
No seminar
Due to travel
Feb 14, 2017
no speaker
no seminar
Feb 21, 2017
John Paul Chou
New physics at the LHC
Feb 28, 2017
Gabi Kotliar
The challenge of high temperature superconductivity and the dawn of the material design era
Mar 7, 2017
Rockson Chang, Insight Data Science
Careers in Data Science and Data Engineering
Mar 14, 2017
no speaker
spring break - no seminar
Mar 21, 2017
Jack Hughes
Mar 28, 2017
Jed Pixley
Quantum phase transitions in correlated materials and ultra cold atoms
Apr 4, 2017
Apr 11, 2017
Gyan Bhanot
Excursions in Systems Biology
Apr 18, 2017
Apr 25, 2017
Sean Oh
Thin film topological materials: where do we stand and where are we headed?