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2000-01 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Current Employment of Recent Ph.D. Recipients

1994 Ph.D.         Thesis adviser     Current position                        Thesis title

Beatty, David      Gilman, R.         Rutgers University post-doctoral        Pion double charge exchange on 16O above the   
                                                                              delta  resonance                               

Bernstein, Lee     Cizewski, J.       Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab. Staff      The onset of collectivity in                   
                                      Member                                  neutron-deficient 200,198,196Po                

Gebhardt, K.       Pryor, C.          University of California, Santa Cruz    Dynamics of Globular Clusters                  
                                      post-doctoral - Hubble Fellowship                                                      

Ghoshal, Subhir    Zamolodchikov, A.  French-American School, San Francisco   Integrable quantum field theory with a         
                                      Instructor                              boundary                                       

Kwak, K.W.         Vanderbilt, D.     Hyundai Electronics South Korea         A first-principles study of point defects in   
                                      Research staff                          zinc selenide                                  

Li, Ye             Langreth, D.       Associated Press New York Technical     Geometric Structure and Copper Adsorption      
                                      Staff Member                            Potentials of MgO (001) Surface                

Miranda, Eduardo   Coleman, P.        National High Magnetic Field            Novel approach to heavy fermion                
                                      Laboratory  Tallahassee, Florida        superconductivity                              

Moeller, Goetz     Ruckenstein,A.     A.T. Kearny, Germany Consultant         The projected self-consistent method:          
                   Kotliar, G.                                                resolving low-energy scales in correlated      
                                                                              electron systems                               

Nair, Lekha        Madey, T.          Jamia Millia University, New Delhi,     Electron stimulated desorption of              
                                      India Instructor                        halogenated molecules  on the Ruthenium        
                                                                              (0001) surface                                 

Papenhausen,       Pryor, C.          St. John's University, NY Instructor    The search for mass segregation in star        

Paul S.                               (part-time)                             clusters of the  Magellanic clouds             

Piatek, Slawomir   Pryor, C.          New Jersey Institute of Technology      Mass-to-Light Ratios in Dwarf Spheroidal       
                                      Instructor                              Galaxies and Globular Clusters                 

Ramamoorthy, M.    Vanderbilt, D.     North Carolina State University         The Structural and Electronic Properties of    
                                      post-doctoral                           the Surfaces of  TiO2                          

Rozenberg,         Kotliar, G.        Institute Laue Langevin Grenoble,       Correlated electron systems in the limit of    

Marcelo                               France post-doctoral                    infinite  dimensions                           

See, Kai-Hung      Bartynski, R.      Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA        Electronic Properties of Clean and             
                                      post-doctoral                           Metal-Covered  Titanium Dioxide (110)          

Statiris, P.       Gustafsson, T.     Military Service, Greece                Structural studies of clean and adsorbate      
                                                                              covered fcc metal  surfaces                    

Tao, Hui-Shu       Madey, T.          Rutgers University post-doctoral        The adsorption and the decomposition of        
                                                                              phosphorus  containing molecules on metal      

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