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2000-01 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Current Employment of Recent Ph.D. Recipients

1995 Ph.D.           Thesis adviser     Current position                        Thesis title

Chim, Leung Hok      Zamolodchikov, A.  Australia                               Integrable field theory of two-dimensional     
                                                                                off-critical  Q-states Potts and tricritical   
                                                                                Potts model                                    

Fayache, Mohamed S.  Zamick, L.         Rutgers University Post-doctoral        Medium modification of the nucleon-nucleon     

Gu, Ping             Thomson, G.        Univ. California - Berkeley             Measurements of neutral kaon decaying to       
                                        post-doctoral                           four leptons                                   

Gunal, Yuksel        Bronzan, J.        Duke University, NC Post-doctoral       A Hamiltonian study of lattice quantum         
                                                                                chromodynamics  without fermions               

Jones, Roy           Pryor, C.          Arete Associates Staff scientist        Structural parameters and stellar              
                                                                                populations of the galactic  globular          
                                                                                clusters M13 (NGC 6205) and NGC 6535           

Menna, Louis         Andrei, E.         Bridges Company (finance) Staff         Escape of electrons from surface states on     
                                        member                                  liquid helium                                  

Sahiner, Mehmet A.   Croft, M.          Post-doctoral                           The Local Electronic and Crystal Structure     
                                                                                of Transition  Metal and Group III A-VII A     
                                                                                Oxides Probed By  X-ray  Absorption            

Zou, Yu              Thomson, G.        Sinper Corporation Warren, NJ           Search for CP Violation in the Decay of the    
                                        Technical Associate                     Short-Lived  Neutral Kaon                      

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