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2000-01 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Current Employment of Recent Ph.D. Recipients

1997 Ph.D.         Thesis adviser     Current position                        Thesis title

Brazhnikov, Vadim  Zamolodchikov, A.  University of Miami, FL Post-doctoral   Massive perturbations of the                   
                                                                              Wess-Zumino-Witten Model                       

Fridman, Tema      Merritt. D.        Rutgers University Part-time lecturer   Dynamics of Triaxial Elliptical Galaxies       
                                                                              with Cusps                                     

Golosov, Denis     Ruckenstein, A.    Argonne National Lab. Post-doctoral     1. Transverse spin diffusion in a              
                                                                              spin-polarized degenerate Fermi gas 2.  Band   
                                                                              crossing and novel low-energy behaviour in a   
                                                                              mean field theory of a three-band model of     
                                                                              the cuprates                                   

Henderson,         Andrei, E.         Rutgers University Post-doctoral        Dynamics of magnetic flux lines in             
William                                                                       2H-niobium diselenide                          

Lu, Hsu-Chang      Gustafsson, T.     Rutgers University Post-doctoral        The growth mechanisms of ultrathin gate        
                                                                              dielectrics on  silicon                        

Moreno, Juana      Coleman, P.        International Centre for Theoretical    Thermal and transport properties in strongly   
                                      Physics, Trieste Post-doctoral          correlated  systems                            

Tremblay, Benoit   Merritt. D.        Department of Radiology Hospital of     Structure and Dynamics of early-type           
                                      the University of Pennsylvania Post     galaxies                                       

Yadav, Mahesh      Ransome, R.                                                Investigation of Processes Involved in         
                                                                              Quasi-Elastic and  Delta Excitation Region     
                                                                              with (e,e'p) Reaction on 12C Nuclei            

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