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2000-01 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Current Employment of Recent Ph.D. Recipients

1986 Ph.D.          Thesis adviser   Current position

Bell, Curtis        G. Temmer        FAA Technical Center

Besson, Dave        F. Sannes        University of Kansas
                                     Associate Professor

Hu, Chong Der       D. Langreth      National Taiwan University

Johannesson, H.     N. Andrei        Chalmers University, Sweden

Neifeld, Richard    M. Croft

Cushman, Priscilla  T. Devlin        University of Minnesota
                                     Associate Professor

Kenneth Shung       D. Langreth      National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

1987 Ph.D.          Thesis adviser   Current position

Adams, Phillip      W. Glaberson     Louisiana State University
                                     Assistant Professor

Ahn, Seung-Chan     T. Watts         Fermi National Laboratory
                                     Associate Scientist
DiMarzio, Donald    M. Croft         Grumman, Inc. New York
                                     Staff Scientist

Liu, Huan           L. Zamick        Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd, Kingston, Ontario,Canada
                                     Research Scientist

Min, Yu Hua Lee     J. Pifer         Taiwan National Chen-Kung  University
                                     Associate professor

Perez, Ignacio      M. Croft         Naval Air Weapons Center, PA
                                     Staff Scientist

Thorbergsson, G.    J. Sak           Siemens Corporation
                                     Staff Scientist

Zhang, Qiwei        J. Lebowitz      Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY

1988 Ph.D.          Thesis adviser   Current position

Cwilich, Gabriel    M. Stephen       Yeshiva University, NY
                                     Assistant Professor

Lee, Chun-Sik       G. Temmer        Chung-Ang University, Seoul Korea
                                     Assistant Professor

Maes, Christian     J. Lebowitz      Instituut voor Theoretische Fysika
                                     Dept. Natuurkunde - K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Yang, Li-You        J. Pifer         Exxon Research and Engineering Company
                                     Annandale, NJ

1989 Ph.D.          Thesis adviser   Current position

Altner, Bruce       T. Matilsky      Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
                                     Staff member

Jisrawi, Najeh      W. McLean        Birzeit University, West Bank, Israel

Kunchur, Milind     P. Lindenfeld    Oak Ridge National Lab., TN
                    W. McLean        Staff Member

Lenner, Gerald      N. Koller        Bell Labs, Homdel, NJ

Lu, Sing teh        H. Kojima        Self-employed, writing a book

Mei, Ping           V. Venkatesan    Xerox PARC, Palo Alto, CA
                                     Senior Staff

Miller, Theodore    P. Lindenfeld    Small company, Tucson, AZ
                    W. McLean

Potting, Robertus   J. Shapiro       Algarve University, Portugal
                                     Assistant Professor

Tiwari, Rajive      W. Glaberson     Belmont Abbey
                                     Assistant Professor

Wu, Xin Di          V. Venkatesan    SYMEX, CA
                                     Director R&D

Zhang, You Zhu      P. Lindenfeld        
                    W. McLean      
Zhang, Zhen-yu      D. Langreth      Oak Ridge National Lab. 
                                     Scientific Staff

1990 Ph.D.          Thesis adviser   Current position

Alfred R. DeAngelis A. Mekjian       Milliken Research Corp., Spartanburg SC
                                     Staff scientisit

Brenna L. Flaugher  T. Devlin        Fermi National Laboratory
                                     Research Staff
Ping Hu             T. Devlin        Industry
                                     Chicago, IL area

Glenn A. Ladinsky   G. Farrar        Michigan State University

Sreeparna Mitra     M. Croft         Iowa State University
                                     Editor & Project Director, High-Tc Update
Il-Hung Park        S. Schnetzer        

H. Thomas Diehl     G. Thomson       Fermi National Laboratory, IL
                                     Research Associate

Zhaoxin Gong        G. Horton        The Boeing Company
                                     College Park, MD
                                     Division Chief

Gan Liang           M. Croft         Sam Houston University, Texas
                                     Assistant Professor

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