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2000-01 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Current Employment of Recent Ph.D. Recipients

1991 Ph.D.         Thesis adviser     Current position                        Thesis Title

Francis Alexander J. Lebowitz Center for Computational Science Lattice Models in Nonequilibrium statistical Boston University, MA Research physics Assistant Professor Letty Allen P. Lindenfeld AT&T Bell Labs. Murray Hill, NJ 07974 Magnetic interactions and the metal-insulator transition in niobium-substituted silicon films Yunkyu Bang E. Abrahams Chonnam National University Kwang-Ju Superconductivity in the three band extended G. Kotliar 500-757, Korea Assistant Professor Hubbard model Matthew Brinkman J. Cizewski Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN Superdeformation in the A~190 mass region Wigner Fellow (post-doctoral) and shape coexistence in 194Pb Michael Colgan D. Murnick Alimenterics Inc.,301 American Rd. Electron kinetics in rf glow discharges in Morris Plains NJ 07950 Director of Argon Research Douglas DeProspo M. Kalelkar Arete Engineering Technologies Corp. Charged current neutral strange particle Arlington, VA Senior Scientist production in neutrino-Neon collisions in the 15ft bubble chamber at the Fermilab tevatron Andrew Green C. Glashausser University of the Western Cape, South The spin response of 40Ca at 500 and 580 MeV Africa Asst. Prof. Yongseog Jeon M. Croft Jeonjoo University, Korea Assistant X-ray absorption near-edge studies of Professor electronic structure and lattice structure Q. Jiang H. Kojima Magnetic and flow relaxation in superfluid 3He-1 phase Shudun Liu G. Horton Institute of Theoretical Physics UC - Theoretical studies of quantum effects in Santa Barbara, CA Research Associate solids using effective potential and Monte Carlo methods Fulong Lu M. Croft X-ray absorption studies of mixed valent rare-earth- transition metal systems Sharma P. Lindenfeld India Temporary Faculty Enhanced Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions in Vadlamannati YBa2Cu3O7-x / PrBa2Cu3O7-x Dao-Chen Zheng L. Zamick McAfee Associates, Santa Clara, CA New directions for spin and orbital modes in Staff member nuclei

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