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2000-01 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Current Employment of Recent Ph.D. Recipients

1996 Ph.D.         Thesis adviser     Current position                        Thesis title

Acocella, Dominic  Horton, G.         Visual systems Engineering Montreal,    A study of the fundamentals of modern          
                                      Canada Staff member                     lattice dynamics with an application to        
                                                                              quantum crystals                               

Baird, Kenneth G.  Plano, R.          Stanford Linear Accelerator/Rutgers     Strange Particle Production in Hadronic Zo     
                                      Stanford, CA Post-doctoral              Decays                                         

Barle, Stanko      Ruckenstein, A.    Renaissance Technologies Corp. 25       Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom: From     
                                      East Loop Road, Suite 211 Stony         Mean Field  Theories of Non-Fermi Liquid       
                                      Brook, NY 11790-3350 Staff Member       Behavior in Impurity Models  to Implied        
                                                                              Binomial Trees for Modeling Financial          

Chase, Kevin       Mekjian, A.        Part-time lecturere Rutgers             Statistical Theories of Fragmentation and      
                                      University                              Nuclear  Disassembly                           

Chatterjee, R.     Zamolodchikov, A.  Morgan Stanley Financial analyst        Quantum field theory of critical and off       
                                                                              critical 2-D Ising  model with boundary        
                                                                              magnetic field                                 

Hawk, Carol M.     Devlin, T.         BellCore Scientific Staff               The lead jet pseudorapidity distribution of    
                                                                              direction photon  events in p-p(bar)           
                                                                              collisions at [[radical]]s = 1.8 TeV           

Hemmick, Douglas   Lebowitz, J.       Salisbury State College, MD             Hidden Variables and Nonlocality in Quantum    
L.                                    Instructor                              Mechanics                                      

Jerez, Andres      Andrei, N.         Post-doctoral                           Solution of the anisotropic multi-channel      
                                                                              Kondo model                                    

Kajueter, Henrik   Kotliar, G.        McKinsey & Company Management           Interpolating perturbation scheme for          
                                      Consultant                              correlated  electron systems                   

Kumaran,           Andrei, N.         Bell Labs, Lucent Technology Murray     Statistical physics of visual perception       

Krishnan                              Hill,NJ Post-doctoral                                                                  

Laberge, Claude    Lebowitz, J.       Tech Hackers, New York, NY Senior       Study of Various Models Describing             
A.                                    Consultant                              Non-Equilibrium  Systems                       

Lidsky, David      Ioffe, L.          University of Tokyo Post-doctoral       Low dimensional electron systems and           
                                                                              Josephson arrays                               

Losada, Martha A.  Farrar, G.         CERN Post-doctoral                      The electroweak phase transition in the        
                                                                              minimal  supersymmetric standard model         

Matthews, John N.  Thomson, G.        Post-doctoral                           Measurement of the CP violation parameter      

Novak, D.          Gustafsson         High-school teacher                     Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of       
                                                                              Oxide  Surface Structure                       

Nunes, Ricardo W.  Vanderbilt, D.     Naval Research Laboratory, DC           Real-space approaches to the                   
                                      Post-doctoral                           electronic-structure problem                   

Palunas, Povilas   Williams, T.       Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA       The distribution of mass and light in spiral   
                                      Post-doctoral                           galaxies and the maximum disk hypothesis       

Polyakov, D.       Zamolodchikov, A.  Post-doctoral                           Geometrical aspects of string theory           

Pouliot,           Seiberg, N.        University of California - Santa        Duality in supersymmetric gauge theories and   

Philippe                              Barbara Post-doctoral                   other topics in supersymmetry                  

Younes, Walid      Cizewski, J.       Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab.            194Po and the onset of collectivity in the     
                                      Post-doctoral                           polonium isotopes                              

Zyskin, M.         Zamolodchikov, A.  NYU Courant Institute Post-doctoral     Integrable Equations, and Nonlinear Fourier,   
                                                                              Random and  Abel Transforms                    

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