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High Energy Experimental Seminar Schedule - Spring 2019

Seminars are held on Mondays in Room 112 at 4:30pm unless otherwise noted

Date Speaker Title (Abstract)
Jan 24 Graham Giovanetti
Princeton University
Searching for physics beyond the Standard Model with underground detectors
Jan 28 Matthew Szydagis
University at Albany
Dark Matter Sought on Multiple Fronts
Feb 11 Daniel Ruterbories
University of Rochester
Electroweak probes of the nucleus and the area of precision neutrino physics
Feb 18 Andy Mastbaum
University of Chicago
The Short-Baseline Neutrino Program: LArTPCs as Tools for Discovery
Feb 21 Adi Ashkenazi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
probing v interactions for v physics
Feb 25 Carlos Arguelles
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Interesting Times for the Standard Model
Feb 28 Christina Ignarra
Stanford University
Expanding the Science Reach of Dark Matter Detection with the LZ Experiment
Mar 25 Ted Kolberg
Florida State University
Recent results from searches for long-lived particles at the LHC
Apr 15 Philip Harris
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CERN
Discovering the Higgs all over again. Now with Machine Learning.
Apr 29 Luigi Marchese
University of Oxford
Higgs boson width at the LHC

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