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The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number F18-3  2018-Sept 17
           Editor: Daniel Friedan        Publisher: Christina Pettola
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                            Department Tea
                    Wednesday: Lecture Hall - 10:30am


HEX Mon Sept 17 Vetri Velan, University of California, Berkeley
4:30 112W       "Probing Sub-GeV Dark Matter with Superfluid Helium and HeRALD"

CMS Tues Sept 18 Laura Classen, Brookhaven National Laboratory
1:30 385E       "Non-Fermi liquid behavior from quantum critical local moments"

SIP Tues Sept 18 Eva Halkiadakis, Rutgers University
5:00 385E       "Searching for new particles at the Large Hadron Collider"

COL Wed Sept 19 Weida Wu, Rutgers University
10:30 PLH       "Berry phase and related Hall effects"

LSM Thurs Sept 20 Leo McGilly, Columbia University 
12:00 Chem 260       "Controlling Domain Wall Dynamics as a Route Towards New Functionalities in Ferroelectric Thin Films"

MPS Thurs Sept 20 Roger Nussbaum, Rutgers University
12:00 Hill 705       "Analyticity and Failure of Analyticity for Bounded Solutions of Differential-Delay Equations: New Theorems and Open Questions"

MPS Thurs Sept 20 Jozsef Beck, Rutgers University
2:00 Hill 705       "A quantitative theory of dynamical systems"

DELTA-P Thurs Sept 20 Willow Kion-Crosby, Aniket Patra, & Catie Raney
5:00 385E       TA Panel

SSPAR Thurs Sept 20 Willow Kion-Crosby, Rutgers University
7:00 385E       "Diffusion on Complex Networks and what it can tell us about Epidemiology and Wikipedia"

*********Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

CMS Tues Sept 25 Gleb Finkelstein, Duke University
1:30 385E       TBA

SIP Tues Sept 25 Troy Shinbrot, Rutgers University
5:00 385E       "Granular electrostatics, from industry to astrophysics"

COL Wed Sept 26 Bob Bartynski, Rutgers University
10:30 PLH       "Organic molecular self-assembly at metal surfaces: From ordered metastable phases to covalently bonded 2D networks"

IQB Wed Sept 26 Stephen Burley, Rutgers University
12:00 Proteomics Room 120       "Impact of the Protein Data Bank on Our Understanding of Anti-cancer Drug Action and Mechanisms of Resistance"

LSM Thurs Sept 27 Yao-Wen Yeh, Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM) 
12:00 Chem 260       "Synthesis of Nanomaterials in Atmospheric Pressure Arc Discharge"

MPS Thurs Sept 27 Ian Jauslin, Princeton University
12:00 Hill 705       "Solution of time-dependent Schrodinger equation for field emission"

DELTA-P Thurs Sept 27 Chaz Ruggieri, Rutgers University
5:00 385E       "Effective questioning in your instruction role"

For the calendar of upcoming colloquia and seminars in the department, visit

      AST=Astrophysics Seminar             IQB=Institute for Quantitative
      CMS=Condensed Matter Seminar           Biomedicine
      COL=Colloquium                       LSM=Lab for Surface Modification
      CQB=Center for Quantitative Biology  MPS=Mathematical Physics Seminar
      DELTA-P=Developing Educators         NPS=Nuclear Physics Seminar
        and Leaders Among TAs in Physics   SIP=Seminar in Physics
      GAP=Geometry & Physics Seminar       SPS=Society of Physics Students
      HET=High Energy Theory Seminar         Talk Series
      HEX=High Energy Experimental         SSPAR=Student Seminars in Physics
      HON=Honors Seminar                     and Astronomy at Rutgers
      INS=Instructional Seminar      

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