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The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number S18-15  2018-April 23
           Editor: David Vanderbilt        Publisher: Christina Pettola
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                            Department Tea
                    Wednesday: Lecture Hall - 4:30pm

                      Annual SPS Awards Banquet
            Thursday, April 26 (reception starting at 6pm)
                   Busch Dining Hall, Rooms A & B
                           All are welcome
                Students — $5 ; Faculty & Staff — $15
       Reserve with Nancy Pamula (221W) or Katherine Lam (201W)
      After dinner speaker:  Dr. Steven Korotky (RC'75, Physics)
    "Rutgers Schanck Observatory: Significance of Time and Place."


CMS Tues Apr 24 Andrew Millis, Columbia University
1:30 385E       "Electron-lattice coupling in correlated electron materials: the strange case of Ca2RuO4"

HET Tues Apr 24 Jared Evans, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3:00 401W       "The WIMP Next Door"

SIP Tues Apr 24 Eva Halkiadakis, Rutgers University
5:00 385E       "Searching for new particles at the Large Hadron Collider"

IQB Wed Apr 25 Erik Debler, Thomas Jefferson University
12:00 Proteomics Room 120       "Exploring and Exploiting Life-Cycle Stage Reprogramming in Protozoan Parasites"

COL Wed Apr 25 David Charbonneau, Harvard University
4:45 PLH       "The Terrestrial Planets of Other Stars"

LSM Thurs Apr 26 Udo Schwarz, Yale University
12:00 Chem 260       "Visualizing and Shaping the Nanoworld: From the Quantitative Interrogation of Site- and Species-Specific Interactions of Atoms to the Millimeter-Scale Engineering of Structures with Angstrom Precision"

MPS Thurs Apr 26 Christian Fronsdal, University of California - Los Angeles
12:00 Hill 705       "A classical mistake and what it tells us. How to do better with an action principle for Hydro and Thermo dynamics"

AST Thurs Apr 26 Benjamin Wandelt, IAP and Flatiron Institute
1:30 401W       "How to learn from cosmological data"

MPS Thurs Apr 26 Yuri Suhov, Statistical Laboratory at University of Cambridge
2:00 Hill 705       "The high-density phase transition for the high-density hard-core model on a triangular lattice"

SPS Thurs Apr 26 Annual SPS Awards Banquet
6:00 Busch Dining Hall, Rooms A & B
Reservation required - please see above

*********Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

NPS Mon April 30 Pei-Luan Tai, Rutgers University
12:00 112W       "Exploring single-hole state evolution near the N = 50 shell closure"

HEX Mon April 30 Michael Werner, Iowa State University
4:30 112W       "Highly Displaced Hadronic Jets at ATLAS"

CMS Tues May 1 Ashvin Vishwanath, Harvard University
1:30 385E       "Mott Insulators and Superconductivity in Moire Superlattice Graphene"

HET Tues May 1 Jordan Smolinsky, University of California - Irvine
3:00 401W       TBA

IQB Wed May 2 Matthew Neiditch, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
12:00 CABM 010       TBA

GAP Thurs May 3 Renzo Cavalieri, Colorado State University
1:30 372E       TBA

MPS Sun-Tues May 6-8 119th Statistical Mechanics Conference
8:00 Hill 114   
Conference Announcement:
Conference Program: TBA

For the calendar of upcoming colloquia and seminars in the department, visit

      AST=Astrophysics Seminar             IQB=Institute for Quantitative
      CMS=Condensed Matter Seminar           Biomedicine
      COL=Colloquium                       LSM=Lab for Surface Modification
      CQB=Center for Quantitative Biology  MPS=Mathematical Physics Seminar
      DELTA-P=Developing Educators         NPS=Nuclear Physics Seminar
        and Leaders Among TAs in Physics   SIP=Seminar in Physics
      GAP=Geometry & Physics Seminar       SPS=Society of Physics Students
      HET=High Energy Theory Seminar         Talk Series
      HEX=High Energy Experimental         SSPAR=Student Seminars in Physics
      HON=Honors Seminar                     and Astronomy at Rutgers
      INS=Instructional Seminar      

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