Andes: An Intelligent Homework System for Introductory Physics

Brett van de Sande

Learning Research and Development Center
University of Pittsburgh

February 9, 2007, 1:40 PM
Serin 385

(Refreshments afterwards, at 3:00, in Serin 372)

We know that students benefit from solving homework problems under the guidance of an expert (human) tutor. The Andes system ( is designed for students to solve homework problems under the guidance of an expert computer tutor. Andes encourages students to use sound problem solving techniques and provides immediate right/wrong feedback on each step of a solution. On request, Andes also provides hints based on previous student actions. I will discuss how Andes works, from a student's perspective, and summarize research that demonstrates its effectiveness as a pedagogical tool. I will also discuss how Andes can function as a tool for conducting educational research, presenting an investigation of student learning as an example.