This only needs to be done once.

Everything is setup in the area /users/h2/quarknet/
To begin, cd into to CMSSW_5_3_28/src

cd CMSSW_5_3_28/src

Copy over the "plots_2012" directory and everything below it:

cp -r /users/h2/quarknet/CMSSW_5_3_28/src/plots_2012/ .

#(that dot is needed!)

Run jobs

Go to the plots_2012/RootC directory
The analysis code that runs is in a macro file called Quarknet.C
Right now it is a simple file that makes a couple of plots

To run the script go to CMSSW_5_3_28/src/plots_2012

From the main directory after you log on the hexcms:
cd CMSSW_5_3_28/src/plots_2012/

There are more complicated codes in the RootC/ directory called Quarknet_1.C, Quarknet_2.C, Quarknet_3.C .... Quarknet_10.C

We will be going through these in sequence.
To run these, do (from the plots_2012 directory):

cp /users/h2/quarknet/CMSSW_5_3_28/src/plots_2012/RootC/QuarkNet_*.C RootC/
cp RootC/QuarkNet_1.C RootC/QuarkNet.C
(or QuarkNet_2, or QuarkNet_3...)
bash test

This copies over the relevant file to QuarkNet.C which is run by the script in the file.
The code is here
Click on the html files to see code all prettied up. Click on the .C files if you want to copy/paste.