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Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule

Fall 2018

            Seminars are on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. in 385E Serin

(unless otherwise stated)

All welcome!  

         Please contact our administrative assistant  Stefanie Miller( with questions  regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Questions about the CM seminar schedule should be addressed to Prof. Premi Chandra (
Day  Title Speaker Speaker's Host.

Sept.  4

No Seminar

Sept. 7


   Tuning Magnetic Order and Quantum Transport
                  in Magnetic Topological Insulators

    Yayu Wang

  Weida Wu

Sept. 11

     Chiral Fluctuations Driven Topological Hall Effect in
             a Two-Dimensional Uniaxial Ferromagnet

  Weida Wu

   Premi  Chandra     
Sept. 18
Non Fermi liquid behavior from Quantum Critical Local Moments

Laura Classen

Jed Pixley

Sept. 25

Supercurrent in the Quantum Hall Regime

Gleb Finkelstein

Misha Gershenson

Oct. 2

High-Pressure Studies of Exotic Superconductors

Liling Sun

Premi Chandra

Oct. 9

Topological Superconductivity and Majorana Bound States in Fe-Based Superconductors

Hong Ding

Piers Coleman

Oct. 11

   Thermal Quantum Hall Effect in the Spin Liquid RuCl_3:
                               The Role of Phonons

Achim Rosch

Natan Andrei

Oct. 16

Fractional Excitonic Insulator

Charles Kane
(U. Penn)

Piers Coleman

Oct. 23


  Maxim Dzero
(Kent State)

Emil Yuzbashyan/
Premi Chandra

Oct. 30

Javad Shabani


Nov. 6

To Be Rescheduled

Peter Abbamonte

Piers Coleman

Nov. 13

      Shining Light on High Temperature Superconductivity
                               in the Iron Age

Peter Johnson

Premi Chandra

Nov. 20
No Seminar (since Th schedule)

Nov. 27

Topological Semimetals from a High Magnetic Field Perspective
 Luis Balicas

Premi Chandra

Nov. 29

                      Physics of 1D Kondo Lattices

Alexei Tsvelik

  Piers Coleman

Dec. 4

Critical Phenomena and Griffiths-McCoy Singularities
in Quantum Spin Glasses

Peter Young
(UC Santa Cruz)

  Jed  Pixley

Dec. 11

Johnpierre Paglione
(U. Maryland)

Jak Chakhalian