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Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule

Spring 2019

            Seminars are on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. in 330W Serin

          (Renovated P&A Meeting Room and Seminar Space)

unless otherwise stated

All welcome!  

         Please contact Ms. Nancy Pamula ( with questions  regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Questions about the CM seminar schedule should be addressed to Prof. Premi Chandra (
Day  Title Speaker Speaker's Host.

Jan. 22

No Seminar

Jan. 29


          State-Dependent Spread of
      Entanglement in Relatively Local

    Sung-Sik Lee

  Piers Coleman/
   Gabi Kotliar

Feb. 5

     Nematicity in f-Electron Materials

   Priscila Rosa
   (Los Alamos)

   Premi  Chandra     
Feb. 12

Tom Banks

Premi Chandra

Feb. 19

New Frontiers of Standing-Wave Photoelectron

Alexander Gray

Jak Chakhalian

Feb. 26

Universal Dynamics of Nematic
Quantum Critical Metals

Avraham Klein
(U. Minnesota)

Joel Lebowitz

March 5

No Seminar (APS March Meeting)

March 12

        Topology and Correlations in Monolayer WTe2     

     Sanfeng Wu

       Weida Wu

March 19

No Seminar  (Spring Break)

March 26

                    Many-Body Quantum Physics
                    with Ultracold Dipolar Atoms

                         NOTE:   In Room 385

 Sebastian Will

Jed Pixley

April 2

Peter Abbamonte

   Piers Coleman

April 4
Room 385

     Quenching Topological Systems: 
      Localized, Critical and Extended States

Pedro Sacramento

    Natan Andrei

April 9

Superconductor/Semiconductor Heterostructures
for Quantum Computation

Chris Palmstrom

Len Feldman

April 16

          Variational Diagrammatic Monte Carlo
        To Solve the Electronic Structure Problem


Kristjan Haule

David Vanderbilt

April 23
Iron-Based Superconductivity after a Decade --
Progresses and Prospects

Qimiao Si

 Premi Chandra

April 30

Correlated Physics of Arrays of Quantum Dipoles
Ana Asenjo-Garcia

Jed Pixley

May 2
3:00 p.m.
(Rm. 330W)

  One-Electron Spectral Properties of
             Correlated Systems
          with Finite-Range Interactions
   Jose Carmelo

  Natan Andrei