Sriram Shastry

(University of California at Santa Cruz)

Resistivity from the extremely correlated Fermi liquid theory

The  extremely correlated Fermi liquid theory has recently provided a set of promising results for the t-J model in 1-2 and infinite dimensions. I will present the results for the resistivity in infinite dimensions and in the experimentally relevant 2 dimensional case, where one finds  an astonishingly small Fermi liquid temperature. The resistivity versus T above this scale can be convex or concave depending on band parameters.

Results for the the  cotangent Hall angle are displayed. At lowest T it shows a T^2 behavior. Upon warming  it displays  a downward bend (or  kink), signifying a crossover from a Fermi liquid regime to a strange metal regime. This feature has been experimentally seen in many correlated systems, but has apparently   evaded comment or discussion so far.