Physics 124

Analytical Physics I-B, Spring 2017


  • The exam location is based on your last name (see below for locations). You must take the exam in the assigned location and sit in the seat where your name is on the exam. Be sure to plan ahead and reserve sufficient time to travel to locations.
  • You must bring your student ID with you to the exam; it will be checked.
  • You are allowed a calculator, but you are not allowed any communication devices (cell phones, laptops, smart watches, etc.)
  • You are allowed to bring a single 8.5"x11" formula sheet to the exam, but it must be hand written (writing on both sides is permissible). Three sheets are allowed for the final exam.
  • Bring your own #2 pencils.

Review sessions for the common exams are held in the workshops the preceding week.

A Practice test and solutions are available through a link below. Note that content this semester is different than corresponding exams in previous years.

Conflicts and Makeup Exams

If you have a class schedule conflict with the regular exam, send a message to Prof. Lath at least one week prior to the exam and include your official class schedule so that a makeup can be scheduled. If you are sick on the day of the exam, contact Prof. Lath that day . Generally everyone needing to take a conflict or makeup exam is expected to take it at the same time.

Common Exam 1: Monday, February 12, 9:40-11:00 PM

Location by first letters of your last name:
Aa to Hz: ARC 103
Ia to Mn: SEC 111 
Mo to Sd: Hill 114
Se to Zz: PHY LH

Content: Lectures 1-2, (inclusive) 3 (excluding Ch 11 material)

Bring pencils, one 8.5x11 sheet of paper with hand written formulae on both sides, and a scientific calculator.  No cell phone calculators, smart watches, or sharing of calculators permitted.

Practice Exam 1 .

Practice 1 Answer Key .

Exam 1 solutions, notes .