305: Modern Optics

The instructor for Modern Optics (Fall 2013) is Professor Larry Zamick

Serin Physics Building    Room 215W
732 445 5500 ext 3874

If you are registered for this course, please visit the Sakai website
 at http://sakai.rutgers.edu for online course information.

TEXT  J. Hecht  Modern Optics  4th edition

Other useful book  G. Fowles Introduction to Modern Optics  2cnd edition.

Other books on reserve in the SERC library.

It is assumed that you have had at least one year of college physics, such as
 General Physics 203-204 or Analytical Physics 227-228. You should be familiar 
with Newton's Laws, electric and magnetic fields and Maxwell"s equations 
(at least in integral form), elementary quantum mechanics and atomic
 structure, and the properties of a harmonic oscillator.

It is also assumed that you have had at least 3 semesters of calculus and
 know, for example, how to differentiate and integrate (multivariable)
 trigonometric and exponential functions, and know about partial derivatives.


Monday 2 and Thursday 2       (10:20 A.M.  to 11:40 A.M.)

Overview: History; Wave Motion; Electromagnetic Theory, Photons, and Light;
 The Propagation of Light; Geometrical Optics; The Superposition of Waves;
 Polarization; Interference; Diffraction; Fourier Optics;
 Basics of Coherence Theory; Modern Optics: Lasers and Other Topics.