Advanced General Physics 323/324

Classical Mechanics and Relativity

Overview: There are 5 units on classical mechanics: W1 on the harmonic oscillator, CM1 on work and energy, CM2 on angular momentum, CM3 on central force motion, and CM 4 on non-inertial systems. Units CM1 and W1 must both be done at the beginning of 323. They are prerequisites for all other units. CM2 amd CM4 can then be done without additional prerequisites, but CM3 can only done after CM2 is successfully completed. CM2 is also a prerequisite for the unit QM4 which involves angular momentum in quantum mechanics. There are two units on relativity which use the same textbook: R1 on the special theory of relativity and R2 on relativistic energy and momentum Links to the different classical mechanics and relativity units can be found below.


D. Kleppner and R. Kolenkow, An Introduction to Mechanics

It is your responsibility to either purchase or ensure the availability of this textbook for the units on classical mechanics. Many other useful textbooks and references on classical mechanics can be found in the Physics Library.


Note that some of the units below come in "PDF" versions in addition to the "html" version. The PDF versions do a better job of displaying the formulas.

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