Advanced General Physics 323/324

Modern Physics

Overview: There are 8 units on modern physics (the two units on special relativity are included with classical mechanics because they use the same textbook ): QM1, an introduction to quantum mechanics, QM2 on the wave nature of matter, QM3 on the Schroedinger Equation, QM4 on the quantum theory of angular momentum and the hydrogen atom, QM5 on atomic structure, NP on nuclear physics, EP on elementary particles, and SS on solid state physics. QM1 is a prerequisite for QM2, QM2 (and of course therefore QM1) is a prerequisite for QM3, QM3 and CM2 are prerequisites for QM4, QM4 is a prerequisite for QM5,while QM5 is a prerequisite for NP, EP, ans SS. Links to the different modern physics units can be found below.


R. Eisberg and R. Resnick, Quantum Mechanics of Atoms, Solids, Nuclei and Particles (2nd Ed.)

It is your responsibility to either purchase or ensure the availability of this textbook for the units on modern physics. Many other useful textbooks and references on modern physics can be found in the Physics Library and LSM.

Modern Physics Units