Advanced General Physics 324
FALL 2017


A sign-up sheet should be completed in detail at the first meeting of the course. It will remain in a folder along with your completed quizzes and will be used to record your progress in the course.

Quizzes: In order to complete a unit you must pass a QUIZ consisting of THREE PROBLEMS on the material covered in that unit. The quizzes will be closed book but you can bring up to two pages of hand-written (no xerox copies or computer printout) formulas and figures. In fact, you will have to show at least one page of carefully thought formulas, with some examples, in order to take a quiz on a given topic. If you fail a quiz you should review the material and take the quiz again (the questions will in general be different) when you feel you are prepared. If you do not finish a problem by the end of the class period, you will be given a different problem the next time.

Class Times: The course meets two periods a week: T4Th4 (1:40 - 3:00PM) in the ARC 333, on the Busch Campus.

Topics Covered : There are five basic topics covered in this course: classical mechanics and relativity (units CM1-4, W1, R1,R2), thermodynamics (T1-5), electromagnetism (E1-5, AC), and modern physics (QM1-5, NP, EP,SS). Most of these units can be taken only after other prerequisite units have been completed : for example NP, EP, and SS can be taken only after QM5, which in turn requires QM4, etc. Links to more information on the units can be found below. You must complete quizzes in at least 2 topics as defined above. These must be for different units than those you completed in Physics 323. In general you have to go up the ladder, one rung at a time, for a given topic, e.g. take E2 before E3. Exceptions can be made in consultation with the instructors.



Announcements: Special announcements will be posted on the web.

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