Notes about copyright policies

I have tried to conform to the following copyright policies in all cases.

Note that some publishers have a concept of an updated preprint. This is a preprint that has been modified, after the referee procedure, to be functionally equivalent to the published version; however, it cannot be a downloaded pdf or other version that looks like a snapshot of the published article.

APS Journals

The APS journals freely allow authors to post electronic versions of their manuscripts on their personal web home pages, as can be seen from the Copyright Copyright Agreement for the APS journals.

AIP Journals

The AIP journals allow posting by the author of a copy of the journal article, provided that some copyright notices are included. See AIP Copyright Policy and Web Posting Policy.

Elsevier Science Direct

These journals allow posting of a preprint, including an updated preprint, provided a link to the journal is also included. However, they do not allow private posting of the journal copy itself. See Copyright and Electronic Preprints.

Wiley Interscience

The Wiley Interscience journals appear to have a slightly more restrictive policy than the Elsevier ones: an updated preprint cannot be posted, but an earlier preprint may be posted. (I didn't find a global statement of policy, but here, for example, are the Conditions of Publication for Physica Status Solidi.)

Taylor and Francis

This is mainly Ferroelectrics in the present context; this journal was previously published by Gordon and Breach. The copyright policy appears to be the same as for Wiley Interscience, except that an updated preprint may be posted after an embargo of 18 months. See here.

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