Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics 271 - Fall 2015

Archive of Announcements

1) There will be no recitations the first week of classes. Recitations will start the second week of classes, September 12th -- 16th.
2) Section H6 will meet Thursday, 8:55-9:50am in ARC 204.
3) All special permission numbers (SPN) must be approved by the physics undergraduate director, Professor Steven Schnetzer You can request one online at SPN_request_form.

4) Unregistered i-Clickers Unregistered_i_Clickers
5) Students approved for accommodations with the Office of Disability Services must submit their exam requests for all remaining exams, including finals, through their online request form by November 28th 2016 11:59pm.
6) Final exam make-up: Thursday December 22nd 2016, 10:00am.
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