Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics 271 - Fall 2016

Exams. Practice problems. Solutions to exam problems

Sample exams, practice problems and solutions to exam problems will be posted here.

1) Practice Problems I Practice_Problems_I.pdf
2) Practice Midterm I Practice_Midterm_I.pdf
3) Practice Midterm I Solutions Practice_Midterm_I_Solutions.pdf
4) Midterm I Solutions Midterm_I_Fall_2016_Solutions.pdf
5) Midterm Ib (make up) Solutions Midterm_Ib_Fall_2016_Solutions.pdf
6) Practice Problems II Practice_Problems_II.pdf
7) Practice Midterm II Practice_Midterm_II.pdf
8) Practice Midterm II Solutions Practice_Midterm_II_Solutions.pdf
9) Midterm II Solutions Midterm_II_Solutions_Fall_2016.pdf
10) Practice Problems III Practice_Problems_III.pdf
11) Practice Final Exam Practice_Final_Fall_2016.pdf
12) Practice Final Solutions Practice_Final_Fall_2016_Solutions.pdf
13) Midterm IIb Solutions Midterm_IIb_Solutions_Fall_2016.pdf
14) Final Exam Info Final_info.pdf
15) Final Exam Solutions
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