PHY 110: Astronomy and Cosmology

Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

Fall 2010

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Last updated August 23, 2010

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The textbook for the course is

The Cosmic Perspective: Fundamentals by Jeffrey Bennett, Megan Donahue, Nicholas Schneider and Mark Voit, ISBN 978-0-321-74392-3
Note that this is completely different from The Cosmic Perspective textbook offered in various editions by the same authors - please do not buy a textbook without the word Fundamentals in the title as it will not be useful for the course! That ISBN # is a special one arranged with the publisher to bundle this textbook with Mastering Astronomy and an iClicker rebate coupon. It should be available that way at both the Rutgers bookstore and NJ Books.

published by Addison-Wesley. This is an excellent book, up-to-date and well illustrated, and written to explain key concepts without flooding the reader with too much material. In order to fully understand the lecture and to answer the clicker questions, you will need to read the appropriate part of the book before each class.

Books may purchased at the University Bookstores, or on-line from various websites such as this one.


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