MUSYC Public Data Releases

December 1, 2011

Stacked SEDs of LAEs at z=2.1 and z=3.1

from Acquaviva et al. 2011 are in this tarfile which unpacks into six ascii files of single SEDs in columns of wavelength (Angstroms), flux density (microJy), and bootstrap uncertainty (microJy).


July 15, 2010

Catalog of 32-Band Photometry and Photometric Redshifts for 84,402 Objects in the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South

Please cite Cardamone et al. 2010, ApJS 189, 270 if you use these catalogs or images. This version of the catalogs includes flags for sources marked as X-ray counterparts, and the EAzY output parameters for these sources was computed with the additional AGN template.

ECDFS_BVRdet_Subaru_v1.README (16 K) README file - see this first
ECDFS_BVRdet_Subaru_v1.fits (34 M) FITS file containing all photometry and photometric redshifts (83 M) Text file containing photometry (12 M) Text file containing photometric redshifts & rest-frame colors

The MUSYC BVR image used to detect the catalog and other images matched in coordinates:


July 1, 2007

UBVRIzJHK+NB5000 images and catalogs of the
Extended CDF-S, SDSS1030+05, CW1255+01 and Extended HDF-S fields

The table below gives catalog name, corresponding directory and 5 sigma point source detection depths in AB magnitudes for each band included. Each catalog covers roughly 30'x30' except for "deep" catalogs which cover roughly 10'x10'. Clicking on the directory will bring up a file listing. The linked directory includes the catalog, a gzipped version of the catalog for faster download, corresponding images as described in the catalog header, a .readme file with additional details, an SEfiles sub-directory including the SExtractor .sex, .param, and .conv files used in dual-image mode to construct the catalog, and a filters sub-directory containing the corresponding total filter curves (filter*atmosphere*QE). When multiple catalogs were created using the same images, they have been placed in a single directory to avoid duplicating the images. "conv" refers to PSF-matching being performed before both detection and photometry for the "wide" NIR-selected catalogs. "NBdet" and "o3" refer to detection and photometry using the NB5000 narrow-band image, respectively. "BVR" refers to our combined B+V+R images used to detect the optical catalogs. The one inactive directory link will be updated in early 2008. The reference for each catalog is listed in the final column; please check these for full descriptions of the data reduction and use them to give credit to the people whose hard work created these data products. The overall MUSYC survey design is described in Gawiser et al. 2006, ApJS 162, 1. We suggest you contact the lead author(s) of the listed reference with questions about a particular catalog or image set, or for general questions about MUSYC or this data release please email gawiser at or pieter.vandokkum at .

For postage stamp images and photometry of nearby objects, try our archive server at U. Catolica.

For Spitzer+IRAC images of ECDF-S, see the SIMPLE Data Release page.

Data Release from our GNIRS Spectroscopic Survey of Massive Galaxies at z~2.3 (Jan. 16, 2008)

Catalog directory Objects U B V R I z J H K NB5000 BVR Reference
ECDFS_BVRdet_UBVRIzo3_v1 ecdfs/optical 84410 26.0 26.9 26.4 26.4 24.6 23.6       25.5 27.1 Gawiser et al. 2006, ApJ 642, L13
ECDFS_NBdet_UBVRIzo3_v1 ecdfs/optical 28297 26.0 26.9 26.4 26.4 24.6 23.6       25.5 27.1 Gawiser et al. 2006, ApJ 642, L13
ECDFS_Kdet_UUBVRIzJHK_v2.9 ecdfs/nir_wide 16910 26.8 27.0 26.6 26.4 24.7 24.0 23.0 21.6 22.3     E.N. Taylor et al. in prep
SDSS1030_BVRdet_UBVRIzo3_v1 sdss1030/optical 69619 25.7 26.0 26.2 26.0 25.4 23.7       24.8 26.5 Gawiser et al. in prep
SDSS1030_convKdet_UBVRIzK_v1 sdss1030/nir_wide 19357 25.6 25.9 25.9 25.8 25.0 23.8     21.7     Blanc et al. 2008, ApJ in press
SDSS1030deep_Kdet_UBVRIzJHK_v3.11 sdss1030/nir_deep 3273 25.7 25.9 25.9 25.8 25.1 23.9 23.4 23.2 23.1     Quadri, Marchesini et al. 2007, AJ 134, 1103
CW1255_BVRdet_UBVRIzo3_v1 cw1255/optical 60344 tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd       tbd tbd Gawiser et al. in prep
CW1255_convKdet_UBVRIzK_v1 cw1255/nir_wide 16032 25.6 25.5 25.4 25.1 24.0 22.8     21.7     Blanc et al. 2008, ApJ in press
CW1255deep_Kdet_UBVRIzJHK_v3.11 cw1255/nir_deep 2444 25.8 25.7 25.3 25.3 24.3 23.2 23.5 23.0 22.8     Quadri, Marchesini et al. 2007, AJ 134, 1103
EHDFS_BVRdet_UBVRIz_v1 ehdfs/optical 62968 26.0 26.1 26.0 25.8 24.7 23.6       24.1 26.3 Gawiser et al. 2006, ApJS 162, 1
EHDFSdeep1_Kdet_UBVRIzJHK_v3.11 ehdfs/nir_deep1 2996 25.9 25.9 25.7 25.6 24.6 23.6 23.8 23.1 22.9     Quadri, Marchesini et al. 2007, AJ 134, 1103
EHDFSdeep2_Kdet_UBVRIzJHK_v3.11 ehdfs/nir_deep2 2118 25.9 26.0 25.9 25.8 24.7 23.6 23.4 22.7 22.7     Quadri, Marchesini et al. 2007, AJ 134, 1103


Previous public release of deep UBVRIz images and catalog of the 33'x34.5' Extended HDF-S and deep NB5000A images of E-CDFS, SDSS1030+05 and CW1255+01

Superceded by July 1 2007 Public Data Release; all of the data products below are also available above

UBVRIz' catalog of E-HDFS (62968 sources, machine readable, 22MB), images (7395x7749 0.267" pixels, 229MB each) and corresponding bad pixel masks (small files in .pl format) can be retrieved via anonymous ftp to in the directory pub/gawiser/musyc/ehdfs/optical .

NB5000 images of E-CDFS (7100x7100 0.267" pixels, 202MB), SDSS1030+05 (8100x7200 0.267" pixels, 233MB) and CW1255+01 (7700x7700 0.267" pixels, 237MB) and their corresponding bad pixel masks (small files in .pl format) can be retrieved via anonymous ftp to in the directories pub/gawiser/musyc/ecdfs/optical , /sdss1030/optical, and /cw1255/optical, respectively . A narrow-band selected UBVRIz'+o3 catalog of E-CDFS is also available (28297 sources, ascii, 10MB), with the columns following the same format as the EHDFS catalog above but with the additional o3 (NB5000) fluxes appearing just after those for z-band in each sequence.