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Other Physics Olympiads

 Online physics competitions

 •  Online Physics Brawl


 •  Rudolf Ortvay International Competition in Physics - for university students

 •  FKS - The Physics Correspondence Seminar
      In Slovak, but English translation and language support are available on request.

 Physics Olympiads throughout the world

 •  US Physics Team

 •  British Physics Olympiad

 •  Australian Science Olympiads

 •  POPTOR - Univ. of Toronto Preparation Program (Canada)

 •  UBC Physics Olympics (Canada)

 •  Canadian Association of Physicists Exam

 •  Israeli National Physics Olympiad

 •  Russian Olympiad on Astronomy and Space Physics

 •  Swiss Physics Olympiad

 •  Physics Olympiad exams & teams in USA

 •  Univ. of Miami Physics Competition (USA)

 •  BAUPC - physics competition for the undergraduates
    The competition hasn't been running in the recent years, but David Morin wrote a book full of cool problems.

 The websites below are not in English:

 •  Moscow City Physics Olympiad  (in Russian)

 •  MIPT (Fiztekh) Physics Olympiad  (in Russian)

 •  Saint Petersburg Physics Olympiad  (in Russian)

 •  Belarusian Physics Olympiad  (in Russian)

 •  Olimpiadas Iberoamericanas de Fνsica  (in Spanish)

 •  Olimpiadas Colombianas  (in Spanish)

 •  Olimpνada Brasileira de Fνsica  (in Portuguese)

 •  Israeli National Physics Olympiad  (in Hebrew)

 •  Olimpiadi Italiane di Fisica  (in Italian)

 •  Slovak Physics Olympiad  (in Slovak)

 •  Serbian Physics Olympiad  (in Serbian)

 •  Turkish Olympiads  (in Turkish)

 •  Estonian Physics Olympiads  (in Estonian)
    Note: for the International Physics Olympiad that took place in Estonia in 2012, see here.

 •  Vlaamse Fysica-Olympiade  (in Flemish)

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