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halfheusler Note: My Rutgers email address appears to no longer be working. I can be reached at kevin.garrity@nist.gov

My name is Kevin F. Garrity, and I am a former postdoc in the department of physics and astronomy at Rutgers University.  Currently (as of June 2014), I am an research associate at NIST. I worked with David Vanderbilt and Karin M. Rabe on a variety of topics related to condensed matter theory and materials science.  My research has consisted largely of using first principles density functional theory calculations to study, model, understand, and design interesting systems, with applications related to topological insulators, advanced functional materials, oxide interfaces, and surface physics.   Please see my research interests and publication list for more details.

The easiest way to contact me is by email at kevin.garrity@nist.gov 



Figure: Nudged elastic band path of ABC antiferroelectric NaCdAs from anti-polar Pnma to polar P63mc structure.  The Wannier functions demonstrate how half of the the bonds reorient during the transition.