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May 2011Brown University, Providence, RI
Sc.B. in mathematical physics
Senior thesis: Search for Randall-Sundrum Gravitons Decaying into µ+µ- Pairs in s1/2 = 7 TeV pp Collisions in the CMS Detector at the LHC Advisor: Meenakshi Narain
June 2007Moorestown Friends School, Moorestown, NJ
High School

Research Experience

2010–1CMS Experiment, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Advisor: Meenakshi Narain
2008–9D0 Experiment, Fermi National Acelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL
Advisor: Meenakshi Narain
2007Low Temperature Laboratory, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Advisor: Raberto C. Ramos