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    Prerequisites: 750:326 Experimental Physics and 388 Modern Physics Lab, or equivalent. Modern instruments and techniques in experimental physics. Topics include passive network theory and transient and steady state response analysis; transmission lines; operational amplifiers; digital circuits; a detailed study of noise; phase sensitive detection, including lock-in amplifiers and signal averagers; low-level measurement techniques, including quantum interference devices; particle detection techniques.

    The purpose of this course is to acquire hands-on experience with experimental aspects of modern physics and to deepen your understanding of the relations between experiment and theory. You will carry out experiments which, when first performed, led to seminal discoveries in physics. In the process you will acquire a set of basic skills essential to becoming an experimental scientist. You will learn to use advanced laboratory equipment and will acquire computational skills necesasry for data analysis and error estimation. In adition you will acquire the skills to produce credible records of scientific data and you will learn how to disseminate scientific findings through written reports and oral presentations.

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