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16:750:602 SOLID-STATE PHYSICS (3)

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    Prerequisites: 750:502 and 750:351 or equivalent. Introduction to: crystal lattices, scattering of radiation, lattice dynamics, electron bands, interaction among elementary excitations, disordered systems, transport properties, superconductivity and super-fluidity, magnetism, crystal-field effects, phase transitions, optical properties.

    In this course I hope to introduce experimental and theoretical students to a number of contemporary research topics in condensed matter physics including frustrated magnetism, quantum phase transitions and topological insulators. More specifically we will discuss

    • "moment-free" magnetism
    • topological transitions in spin systems
    • quantum vs. classical phase transitions
    • topological insulators

    This course will be concept-based but technical details will be supplied when needed. We will connect our topics of study with current research through readings of both classic and current papers. More specifically I plan to link the topics to be explored with research areas of ongoing interest: Kitaev spin liquids, emergent topological order in magnetic systems, quantum critical systems and the emergence of new states of matter.

    Premi Chandra

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