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    Prerequisites: 750:507, Classical Mechanics, or equivalent, 504 Electricity and Magnetism. Equivalence principle, tensor analysis with differential forms; review of special relativity and electromagnetism; affine connection and geodesic equation; curvature and geodesic deviation; Einstein field equations; Schwarzschild and Kerr solutions, homogeneous isotropic cosmologies; experimental and observational tests.

    This is a graduate course in general relativity. We will cover the mathematical framework behind Einstein's theory, the formulation of Einstein's equations, the Schwarzschild and Kerr metrics, gravitational radiation, and cosmology. The textbook for the course is Spacetime and Geometry by Sean Carroll (2003, Pearson ISBN 978-0805387322).

    Additional texts that may be of use to students are General Relativity by Robert Wald and Gravitation by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler (i.e. the giant black book about gravity). Neither are required for the course.

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