Course Synopses


  • Course Description:
    No prerequisite. For nonscience majors. May not be taken for major credit. Courses are independent and may be taken in either order or concurrently.

    A predominantly descriptive introduction to current ideas concerning the nature and origin of the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe; neutron stars and black holes; the "big-bang"; the possibility of life outside the earth. 109: Development of our understanding of the solar system from the time of the Greeks to the present day. 110: Current understanding of stars, galaxies and the universe.

    Readings: The weekly reading assignments from the book are listed on the syllabus and should be /completed before the corresponding lectures. Additional reading assignments from the web will be in the lecture notes.

    Homework: Complete Homework questions must be submitted before 12:00 noon on Date Due (see above). Homework will be assigned in Sakai on a roughly weekly basis, and will be due before the start of class on Friday. Assignments will consist of multiple choice questions that assess your understanding of material covered by the previous week's lectures and assigned reading. Solutions will be posted later on Fridays. Your one lowest homework score will be dropped in computing your semester average.

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