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    Lec. 2 hrs., workshop 3 hrs. Corequisites: 01:640:112 or 115 (first term), 01:640:CALC1 (second term). Sequence 01:750:115-116 is equivalent to 01:750:123-124, if both 01:750:115 and 116 are taken. Intended for engineering students who need extra help in preparing for 01:750:227-228.

    Together with 01:750:227-228 forms a thorough introductory sequence. First term: graphs, orders of magnitude, units, dimensions, errors and precision, review of mathematics useful to physics, kinematics, vectors, force and Newton's laws. Second term: energy, momentum, rotational motion, oscillations, liquids, and thermal physics, including the laws of thermodynamics and the kinetic theory of gases.

    Extended Analytical Physics is a course that was created as an alternative to Analytical Physics I, the first year of introductory physics for engineering students. It is equivalent to Analytical Physics I (Physics 123/4) but offers more diverse teaching methods, more instructor contact hours and a smaller class setting. The design of the course is based in our belief that science is best learned in the way that science is done in real life -- highly active, experimental, and open-ended.

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