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01:750:124. ANALYTICAL PHYSICS I (2)

  • Course Description:
    Lec. 1 hr., rec. 1 hr. Corequisite: 01:640:151-152. Primarily for engineering and physics majors. This course should be followed by 01:750:227-228 (or 204 if changing major).

    Forms a thorough introductory sequence together with 01:750:227-228. Kinematics, dynamics, energy, momentum, angular momentum, heat, and kinetic theory.

    How to Study for this Course: From experience we know that, in order to be successful in this class, consistent weekly effort is required on your part. You need to "socialize" the material, to turn it around in your own mind, to get acquainted with it in several ways. Try also to study with friends. Through discussions with others, you will understand the material in a deeper way. Do not hesitate to contact your instructors, but do this as early as possible. Most things we can help you with, if we know about them early, but there is often little we can do if you wait until a few days before the common hour exams or the final. Above all, solve the assigned exercises, and when you have done all those, do some more!

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