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01:750:204. GENERAL PHYSICS (3)

  • Course Description:
    Lec. 2 hrs., rec. 1 hr. Corequisites: 01:750:205-206 and any calculus course. Primarily for students in scientific curricula other than physics.

    Elementary but detailed analysis of fundamental topics; motion, gravitation, momentum, energy, electromagnetism, waves, heat, kinetic theory, quantum effects, atomic and nuclear structure.

    Physics 203-204 fulfills all the physics requirements for science majors, as well as admission to health profession schools and graduate schools. It provides an excellent opportunity for learning physics, the fundamental science, in a comprehensive, challenging and rewarding way. Graduates of this course have gone on to distinguished careers in medicine, science, law, public service etc... This course requires a good understanding of some math such as vectors, simple derivatives, trigonometry, algebra etc....

    This means: If you aren't fairly comfortable with math (especially algebra and trigonometry), this may require brushing up. You will in any case need to invest a lot of time doing problems, studying and getting help particularly if you haven't had any Physics in high school or college before.

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