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  • Course Description:
    Prerequisites: Calc 2 01:640:152, 01:750:123-124 or 271. Students should also enroll in 01:750:229 lab. Primarily for engineering and physics majors.

    Electrostatics, particles in electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetism, circuits, Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic radiation.

    The course meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:55-2:50 PM in the Physics Lecture Hall, with one recitation session per week.

    The main goal of the course is to give students a solid grounding in electromagnetism at an elementary level, combining an understanding of the main principles and techniques, the ability to solve problems, and mastery of relevant mathematics appropriate to an honors level course. We will accomplish this through systematic study of the required textbook. Recitations will review the material in the previous two lectures, focusing on problem solving. Before each recitation, you will have 2-3 warm-up problems to prepare. At the end of each recitation, there will be a ten-minute quiz on the material discussed. Homeworks will be assigned weekly in WebAssign. There will be two hour exams and a closed-book final exam. Grades are computed using 20% for homework (lowest 2 dropped), 15% for recitation quizzes (lowest 2 dropped), 15% for the first hour exam, 20% for the second hour exam and 30% for the final exam. You will be able to access your grades for hw, quizzes and exams in the physics department gradebook (link coming).

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