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01:750:301. PHYSICS OF SOUND (3)

  • Course Description:
    Prerequisites: Two terms of introductory physics and two terms of calculus.
    Primarily for science majors.

    The scientific basis of sound: waves, vibrating systems, normal modes, Fourier analysis and synthesis, perception and measurement of sound, noise, musical instruments, room acoustics, sound recording and reproduction, electronic synthesizers, and digital sound.

    Prerequisites: 01:750:204 OR 750:227 OR 750:272 OR 750:202 OR 750:194 OR 750:202
    Instructor: Prof. Valery Kiryukhin, Serin 118, 848-445-8752, email: vkir -AT-
    Office Hours: Wednesday 3 pm - 4 pm or by appointment
    Lectures: Monday and Wednesday 1:55 PM - 2:50PM, Physics Lecture Hall
    Labs: Wednesday (5:00 PM - 6:20 PM), Physics and Astronomy Building room 232
    Lab instructor: Seyed Sabok-Sayr, email: saboksayr -AT-
    Homework grader: Seyed Sabok-Sayr, email: saboksayr -AT-

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