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01:750:313. MODERN PHYSICS (3)

  • Course Description:
    Prerequisites: 01:750:204 or 228; 01:640:CALC2.

    Relativistic mechanics, wave and quantum properties of photons and electrons, Schrodinger equation and its application to the structure of atoms, molecules, and solids; nuclear physics; elementary particles.

    This is a one-semester course providing an introduction to modern physics. We will spend roughly the first third of the course developing the two pillars of modern physics: the special theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. We will then discuss several of the main areas of current physics research: atomic physics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, elementary particle physics and cosmology. We obviously will not be able to cover these in detail in a one semester course. The course will primarily provide an introduction and overview. If you continue on in physics, you will see these topics in more depth in further undergraduate and graduate courses.

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