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    Prerequisites: 01:750:203-204 and 205-206, or equivalent. Required for physics majors, but also suitable for psychology, biological sciences, and other physical science majors.

    Theory and use of integrated circuits and their interconnection to produce measuring devices, control apparatus, and interfaces for such devices to microcomputers.

    The goal of this class is to learn a number of basic electronic components and their analysis, so that you can understand and build circuits for use in physics experiments. You should normally perform laboratory experiments with a partner(s). You must share allphases of the experimental work, so all the partners understand the entire experiment. Each partner must participate actively in building the circuits, taking measurements and interpreting the data. Each student must keep his (her) own notes and prepare individual lab reports (no copying of reports from a partner is allowed!). The ideal lab reports have to be brief (3-5 pages), neat, and complete.

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