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    Prerequisite: Proficiency in Calculus and Linear Algebra.

    Bayesian analysis, The Central Limit theorem, Parametric and Non Parametric Tests of Significance, Sequence Alignment, Phylogenetic Analysis, Clustering and Pattern Recognition Techniques, Monte Carlo Simulations, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Game Theory.

    In the twentieth century, physicists such as Leo Szilard, Erwin Schrodinger, Francis Crick, Walter Gilbert and Venki Ramakrishnan played a major role in developing some of the key ideas in biology. The sequencing of the human genome and the big-data genomic revolution it has unleashed have created new and exciting opportunities for physicists to make further discoveries in biology. This course is intended for junior and senior physics majors who are interested in working in the exciting area of biophysics and computational biology. The goal is to introduce the students to the ideas and methods needed to solve exciting problems in the genomic age.

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