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Jennifer van Saders

Jennifer van SadersGraduate School: The Ohio State University, PhD in Astronomy

Current Position and Employer: Carnegie-Princeton Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Observatories.

The Rutgers physics experience: I had the opportunity to do hands-on research, attend departmental colloquia, and participate in functions such as journal clubs, which are usually attended by graduate students and postdocs.

I benefited from the mentorship of many people within the department, and felt comfortable interacting with them as an undergraduate thanks to the contact I had with them at departmental functions.

Mentor: Charles Keeton was a fantastic guide for my first forays into research. Andrew Baker also served as an influential mentor, and still does to this day.

If it weren't for their advice, I’d probably never have applied to Ohio State for my graduate degree.

In addition, the Aresty Summer Research Program was critical in launching my research career, paving the way toward receiving the Goldwater Scholarship.

Life after Rutgers: I now hold the prestigious Carnegie-Princeton postdoctoral fellowship, and have been based at Carnegie Observatories for the last 2 years.

I am particularly proud of my first paper as a postdoctoral fellow.

I led the development of a theory to explain data observed with the Kepler satellite, and the team effort to put together a paper was published in Nature earlier this year.

Year graduated Rutgers: 2009


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