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Kiersten Ruisard

Kiersten RuisardGraduate School: University of Maryland, College Park

Current Position: Ph.D student in physics at UMD-CP

The Rutgers physics experience: Rutgers physics prepared me very well for graduate level work, particularly the qualifying exam.

Rutgers also provided a great deal of support for undergraduate research, in the form of the Aresty research program and departmental scholarships.

Being encouraged to start research early led to many opportunities and choices for graduate school.

Mentor: Andrew Baker supported me in research for three years and continues to be a strong mentoring presence even after I moved away from his research field.

Life after Rutgers: I am in my fourth year of graduate school in the physics department, working in accelerator physics on nonlinear transport systems and high-intensity beam dynamics.

I have also been involved in teaching and developing materials for an inaugural undergraduate course.

My proudest achievement was winning a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship.

Year graduated Rutgers: 2012


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