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Kelvin Mei

Kelvin MeiGraduate School: University of Cambridge and Princeton University.

Current Position: Graduate student at Princeton University, working on a doctorate in the subfield of high energy experimental physics.

The Rutgers physics experience: I was exposed to the basics of coding and the analysis of large data sets.

I also learned how to apply statistics in very specific scenarios, including looking for rare events and how to deal with very large number of backgrounds.

All these skills transfer and continue to be developed in my current career.

Mentor: My advisor Sunil Somalwar gave me the opportunities to do independent research as an undergraduate.

The other faculty members of the high energy experiment group also helped me, most specifically John Paul Chou and Amitabh Lath.

Life after Rutgers: I am proud that within two years, I have been able to complete two masters, one from the University of Cambridge on linear collider physics and one through Princeton University.

With these degrees, I plan to move to Geneva, Switzerland to fully focus on my research at the Large Hadron Collider.

Year graduated Rutgers: 2013


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